Mogwi Tattoo Liverpool
Mogwi Tattoo Liverpool


Here are some examples of my art showing my style



Born in Merseyside and spent most of my life here growing up

I moved to London where I started my apprenticeship working with some of the best tattoo artist in the business who have inspired my style

I'm now over four years qualified and still developing as I learn new techniques to further express my art

I have always been a very diverse artist, attracted to large abstract pieces

Influences to me since the start of my journey are the likes of Kamil and Jeff Gogue

More recently I've been studying the abstract work of jay free style, both legendry artist in the tattoo world

But may favourite artist of all time has to be Caravaggio

I'm passionate about pushing boundaries and strive to give all my clients a unique piece of art that they can look at and enjoy for the rest of their lives

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